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Physiological Sciences (Fisiologia)

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Physiological Sciences (Fisiologia)

Published 1996
Topics Physiology

Publicado em Simon Schwartzman (coord), Ciência e Tecnologia no Brasil (volume 3): a Capacitação Brasileira para a Pesquisa Científica e Tecnológica. Rio de Janeiro, Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, 1996, pp. 215-237.
The industries depend very little on the universities for their know-how, and do not hire a significant number of Masters and Doctors formed in the graduate schools. This situation might be improved if changes are introduced in the industrial policy of the Government favoring investments by the private sector in science and technology leading to a significant research and development effort in Brazil. It is to be hoped that the recent trend to improve the scientific productivity of federal and state biotechnological institutes will be sustained, and that these institutions will have success in their efforts to attain a more politically independent status, and to provide more attractive careers for their scientific staffs.

Publisher Fundação Getúlio Vargas
Year 1996
Language English
Collection simonschwartzman; additional_collections


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